What is it that makes the Jewish Community so vibrant, tight knit, and unique?

The answer lies in our life-cycle rituals and celebrations.  Family and community life is centered around these special moments of passage; the celebration of a baby’s birth or adoption, the celebration of its welcoming and naming,  recognition of coming of age , Weddings, milestones, and the end of life – funerals, memorial services, and associated ceremonies.

These moments, happy or sad,  bring family and friends together.  When we work together to personalize these rituals, they are even more meaningful and special. When we plan a life-cycle event together, we are creating a treasured memory, one that you will share with your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.   The beliefs, traditions and values that a family holds most dear take center stage.  These events are about you and your family and the rituals must reflect that

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